10 Unique & Local Housewarming Gifts

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A woman opening her front door to reveal a group of other women bringing gifts.

It can be difficult trying to find a housewarming gift for a new homeowner.

You have no idea what they need, what they don’t need, or even what they want. So instead of erring on the side of practicality, why not venture outside of the box and gift a present that’s a little more eccentric?

Edmonton has a vibrant scene of local artisans who sell their incredible homemade goods. Purchasing something by a local entrepreneur and small business owner adds a personal touch to your gift. Here are 10 unique and local ideas to gift any new homeowner.

The businesses highlighted in this article were chosen and recommended by the writer. They aren’t partners of, endorsed by, or otherwise affiliated with YEGisHome.


You can make a cross-stitch yourself if you’re a seasoned stitcher, or you can commission one with a personalized message. Bella Love Designs creates both beautiful and hilarious cross-stitches to gift to the new homeowner in your life.

If you don’t think your friend would like a sassy saying hanging on their walls, don’t worry: Bella Love Designs also creates beautifully stitched landscapes and floral arrangements.

Custom Laser-Cut Design

You can get just about anything you want developed into a laser-cut design with the help of 35ltd. This includes a custom clock face, a layered cutout of the YEG skyline, or a geometric animal profile, just for a few ideas.

Whatever design you think will fit into your friend’s new home, you can have made. The only limit is your own creativity.

Image courtesy of 35ltd

Crocheted Cacti

If your home-owning friend is plant lover with a not-so-green thumb, you can also commission crocheted cacti and succulents from 35ltd. This is a great way to add a little greenery to their home with none of the responsibility of a real plant.

This plushy plant option is also safe for any animals in the home that might be a bit too curious or mischievous for their own good. 

Knot Pillow

Noise and Feathers makes lovely knot pillows that are perfect for any living room. Their intricate design not only looks great, but is incredibly cozy as well.

This unique pillow will become a conversation piece in any home while adding some well-deserved comfort. If you’re not buying one of these pillows as a housewarming gift, you should buy one for yourself.

Image courtesy of Noise and Feathers.


If your home-owning friend is a bit of a hippie—or even if they aren’t—add a bit of sparkle to their new home by adding a few crystals to their decor.

Roxx is a gemstone store located in Bonnie Doon Mall and has a wide selection of stones of all sizes.

Lighted Garlands

Garlands make any space a little more beautiful, especially when they glow. These garlands by Clever Arrow add a little bit of style and wonder to any room. 

Clever Arrow typically styles their garlands in children’s rooms, but these aren’t just for kids. They fit the decor of any home by adding a touch of elegance and lot of whimsy. 

Image courtesy of Clever Arrow.


The letter boards from Words & Co. are stylish, multifunctional, and more than a little bit useful, making them a great gift for any new homeowner. 

Your home-owning friend can display a fun quote or leave notes for their significant other while simultaneously having a fun and stylish accessory.


Himmelis are Scandinavian geometric planters that bring prosperity, minimalistic style, and maybe even good luck to those who have them in their home. 

These Himmelis from Salvage and Bronze are perfect for the those who are looking to make their new home into a greenhouse.

Image courtesy of Salvage and Bronze.

Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps are a great plastic-free alternative to keep food fresh, not to mention a perfectly practical and sustainable gift for a brand-new homeowner.

Simpatico Makers sells wraps of all different sizes to fit any food type that needs covering up. You can also purchase similar wraps at just about any local market or craft show.

Lollipop Bouquet

Still not sure what to get your friend to properly welcome them into their new home? If all else fails, a welcome basket full of lollipops is the way to go. 

Gourmet lollies by Sumptuous Lollies are not only gorgeous, but tasty as well. You can’t go wrong with a bouquet full of these delicious treats.